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On the November 7 ballot will be ISSUE ONE: a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution (deceptively named “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety”) that would enshrine the “right” to abortion all the way up to birth by giving abortionists the final say on when post-viable abortions are allowable. This issue is intentionally written to be vague and broad so that it will stop the state legislature from creating any restrictions on abortion and other "reproductive" for both adults and children, undermining parental rights in the process. A No Vote will not make abortion or anything else listed in the amendment illegal. A NO vote will keep the current limits on legal abortion and keep current pro-life laws on the books. As November 7 approaches, Ohio will increasingly become the target of groups wanting to change the Ohio constitution, with an estimated $70M to be poured into our state to pass Issue 1. Like David stood against Goliath, we MUST STAND against this giant, imploring God for his protection of Ohio. As an organization that recognizes the value of all human life, Elizabeth's New Life Center is compelled to step into the conversation in defense of life, women’s health, and parental rights. Please learn more about this egregious issue by reviewing the actual amendment language and what it means (found on page 1). Beg God for His protection and direction. Become vocal about WHY and HOW you plan to vote. Vote your pro-life values. State and local pro-life groups have come together to form Protect Women Ohio (protectwomenohio.com) to counter this pro-abortion amendment. Check out their website and download their 101 Guide found under their Resources tab.



We have a positive impact on society and achieve the mission of saving babies and changing lives.

"I will continue to champion our mission of empowering individuals and families to make Godly life choices."


The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety

Being on the front Lines: Changing and Protecting Lives

THREATENS PARENTAL RIGHTS By using “individual” instead of adult or woman, anyone under the age of 18 could have an abortion or make any other reproductive decision without their parents’ consent or notification.

1. Every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to decisions on contraception, fertility treatment, continuing one’s own pregnancy, miscarriage care, and abortion. 2. The State shall not, directly or indirectly, burden, penalize, prohibit, interfere with, or discriminate against either an individual’s voluntary exercise of this right or a person or entity that assists an individual exercising this right, unless the State demonstrates that it is using the least restrictive means to advance the individual’s health in accordance with widely accepted and evidence-based standards of care. 3. However, abortion may be prohibited after fetal viability. But in no case may such an abortion be prohibited if in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient’s treating physician it is necessary to protect the pregnant patient’s life or health. 4. As used in this Section, “Fetal viability” means “the point in a pregnancy when, in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient’s treating physician, the fetus has a significant likelihood of survival outside the uterus with reasonable measures. This is determined on a case-by-case basis”; and “State” includes any governmental entity and political subdivision. 5. This Section is self-executing.

As a supporter of Elizabeth’s New Life Center, you share our commitment to advocate for the protection of life. Your generosity makes it possible for us to provide “frontline” services such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds for women contemplating abortion, as well as prenatal care, parenting classes, mentorship, and more to support families in need. Monthly giving provides the financial resources needed to continue these services. If you haven’t already, will you consider setting up a monthly gift to help keep us on the “frontline” in defense of life? Simply scan the QR Code below or go to enlc.life/support-us to complete your gift. We thank you for your prayers and support. May God bless you for all you do for the cause of life.

MEET MIKE! I am now nearly five months into my new role as the Executive Director of Elizabeth’s New Life Center, after having the benefit of training with Vivian (our founder and previous Executive Director) for more than three months. The time spent with Vivian was like having “playing lessons” if you’re a golfer. You can spend countless hours practicing on the range, but the live instruction on the course, or in my case “on the job” with Vivian was invaluable.

PUTS WOMEN AT RISK Current Ohio laws* require abortion providers to explain procedure risks and ensure access to hospital transfer if needed. These health and safety standards could be seen as a “burden” and be eliminated, making it even less safe for women seeking an abortion.

Also invaluable was the “organized chaos” I experienced growing up with six siblings (notice the picture of me at age seven drawn by one of my comedic siblings). God placed me smack dab in the middle of the four girls of my family, and my brothers came along too late to offer much help.

I now know God has slowly prepared me for my role here at ENLC. Learning how to deal with the many issues big families present was good training for a leadership role in a sizeable ministry like ENLC with four different pillars, nine pregnancy centers, and nearly 100 employees. Additionally, being a member of a sport (baseball) through college also taught me to always focus on the greater good of the team rather than on my own personal goals. . After working in the financial sector for most of my career, I am blessed to be a member of the Elizabeth’s New Life Center team and will continue to champion our mission of empowering individuals and families to make Godly life choices. With determination and hope,

ALLOWS ABORTIONS THROUGH 9 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY In U.S. law,** “health” includes age or physical, emotional, or psychological well-being. This means a woman’s age or emotional health could be cited to justify aborting a full-term baby. An abortion- providing physician would decide when a baby could survive outside the womb, leaving no clear protections for preborn children.

Mike McGraw Executive Directo r

The time spent with Vivian was like having “playing lessons” if you’re a golfer. You can spend countless hours practicing on the range, but the live instruction on the course, or in my case “on the job” with Vivian was invaluable.


Referring to “miscarriage care” promotes a myth that a “right to abortion” is necessary to preserve care for miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. This is false. Hospitals and physicians have always provided comprehensive miscarriage care and will continue to do so regardless of the outcome of this vote.

* Ohio Revised Code, Sections 2317.56 & 3702.303 ** Based on Doe v. Bolton

Vivian Koob "passing the torch" to Mike



Our current collaborative effort is a crowdfunding campaign called "1 in a Million." The funds raised from this campaign (the long-term goal is $5 from 1M people) will be used to help us to continue to provide our programs and assemblies but also establish mentorship programs in order to walk alongside students long-term. We recently held a youth suicide awareness event called Hoops for Hope, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament featuring Sports World’s professional athletes. These types of efforts, along with our ongoing Sexual Risk-Avoidance Education programming in local schools, are producing results that allow students to thrive in their purpose and reach their goals. You do not need to be a professional athlete to experience the rewards that hard work, persistence, and discipline can bring. We can ALL choose to go for the Gold in life! Our efforts are producing results that allow students to thrive in their purpose and reach their goals!

"Our job is to remind

In-person classes offered through Marriage Works Ohio include Discovering Our Deepest Desire, Rekindling the Heart, and Marriage Makeover, all of which include multiple sessions from a Christian perspective. We also provide faith-neutral classes called Building Healthy Relationships and Lasting Intimacy. Different classes are scheduled at different times and locations throughout the year. Call 937-262-7010 for more information. Kelly is a licensed professional clinical counselor specializing in marriage and family therapy. As a teen she followed the path of her upbringing which was filled with failed relationships; Kelly was married and divorced by the age of 20. Since then, she has dedicated her life to understanding the science of relationships and human behavior and is passionate about facilitating healing and reconciliation in situations that appear hopeless. We are excited to announce the addition of a second marriage counselor: Kelly Case.

What’s new at Marriage Works! Ohio?

these young people that Gold is worth pursuing."

We can ALL choose to Go for the Gold in Life! by Kim Danon As embarrassing as it is to admit, in the eighties I fell victim to the Thighmaster infomercial. How could anyone resist Suzanne Somers’ ability to convince you that with just a few squeezes a day (and a few "low" payments), you could look great in a leotard! Unfortunately, even with my best intentions, the Thighmaster got about as much use as the other pieces of equipment lying dormant around my house.

With the addition of Kelly, we have been able to increase marriage counseling to couples by 30% as well as offer couples more diversity when it comes choosing their therapist. In addition to offering professional counseling, we continue to offer relationship coaching. From his own faith perspective, Greg Schutte, MSW, LISW-S, teamed up with Father Alex McCullough to make an online course entitled Building a Eucharistic Marriage. In seven sessions, Greg and his wife Stephane unfold God’s vision for marriage and teach practical skills for achieving this vision. If you are Catholic and looking for hope, healing, and renewal in your marriage, check out the Sample Session at www.EucharisticMarriage.org/course-description. To sign up, use the coupon code “Neighbor2023” to get 20% off the course cost of $59. To offer this marriage ministry opportunity at your parish, go to the Program Purchasing tab. Pastors can call Greg Schutte at 937-262-7010 for the code to get 20% off the Parish License.

My point is, like that equipment sitting in the garage, spare bedroom, or strategically placed in front of the TV, our God- given purpose is useless unless we choose to engage with it! Through our recent partnership with former professional athletes from the national organization Sports World, Inc., Our Youth Services department is expanding our efforts to help young people recognize and exercise their purpose in life. Regardless of the hand they were dealt, every young person has a purpose. Sports World's motto is "You are not born a Winner. You are not born a Loser. You are born a Chooser!" Together, we are impacting the lives of students through assemblies and classroom interactions that attempt to awaken

Kelly has dedicated her life to understanding the science of relationships and human behavior and is passionate about facilitating healing and reconciliation in situations that appear hopeless.

and motivate the purpose inside each of these amazing young lives. We have addressed student bodies grieving the loss of friends and classmates as a result of suicide, murder, or sudden death due to medical situations. Our job is to remind these young people that Gold is worth pursuing. It's worth the blood, sweat, and tears that come with overcoming seemingly impossible situations that stand between us and the goal.



Meet our Mentor Moms Stephany Zedella, Mentor Mom

Holy Family Prenatal Care: Meeting needs through the generosity of others.

Thank you to our recent Gold and Platinum Sponsors: ChillTex Victress Health and Wellness Buckeye Electrical Products Inc. Sonshine Cleaning St. Gertrude Church St. Malachy Knights of Columbus Council # 5128 St. Columban Church Dolores Mize - Sibcy Cline Realtors Cordonnier Mowing Steve and Ted's Services Archdiocese of Cincinnati Children's Nest Discovery Center Homan Interiors The Cornerstone Shop Jeff Cummons & Kurtis Black, Knights of Columbus Insurance Flinn Veterinary Clinic Charity Mobile

We are so blessed to experience the joy of watching our patients prepare for motherhood, help them in their journey, and then meet the brand new life that God has given them. It is a privilege to be a part of this special time in their lives and to witness how the Lord works through them and for them.

Stepheny first heard about Elizabeth’s New Life Center when her pastor shared that our North Dixie Women’s Center had been vandalized. She researched our work and realized that our mission was a perfect fit for her volunteer interests. “I have never met more dedicated, loving women and men who devote so much of themselves to the care and well-being of human life,” she says. “I am now a Mentor Mom who comes alongside a young mom-to-be. I listen to her hopes, dreams, and fears. I educate her using a fantastic curriculum and help her earn valuable baby bucks for purchasing everything from diapers and formula to cribs and car seats. It has been six months since I arrived at Women's Centers of Ohio and I'm so glad I'm here.”

One of our patients received a breast pump from her insurance company during her first pregnancy. After

trying unsuccessfully to breastfeed, she gave her breast pump away. During her second pregnancy, she was determined to breastfeed, but her insurance company denied her request for a breast pump and she could not afford to purchase one. As our staff was discussing how we could fill this need, another patient overheard us. She let us know that she had been gifted two breast pumps and only needed one, and she was willing to donate a brand new breast pump to help another momma. This generous patient was even willing to make a special trip back to the office to drop off the breast pump when the mom in need delivered early. And God just kept supplying…. When the mom in need came to pick up the breast pump, she asked if we had any breast milk storage bags (which are much more expensive than you would think). It just so happened there was one box being stored in the nurse’s office. And so, we were able to bless this newly delivered mom with not only the pump but also the storage bags. We are very careful to be good stewards of the funds and items donated to us and make sure they are used where they are needed most. That day, we were able to show the love of God to someone in need because others donated, and we are so grateful to the generous patient and to all of our supporters who helped make that possible!

A mom mentor comes alongside a woman to support them and love them as they are, showing Jesus to them every step of the way! We want to listen to them, learn about them and be there to help however we can, whether it be sharing our own stories or pointing them to someone who can help with a particular need. "

Abigail Norell, Mentor Mom Abigail was at a place in her life where she had time to give, and was looking for volunteer opportunities. She was receiving ENLC’s newsletters because she had reached out to us about volunteering in the past, and decided to contact us again and complete that process. After helping our Women’s Center staff with various duties, she became a Mentor Mom. She describes the role of a Mentor Mom: “First of all, a mom mentor comes alongside a woman to support them and love them as they are, showing Jesus to them every step of the way! We want to listen to them, learn about them and be there to help however we can, whether it be sharing our own stories or pointing them to someone who can help with a particular need. I love to walk with women through their pregnancy journey and beyond, even after they've had the baby. They are incentivized to come in that they can earn baby bucks for these sessions! Besides chatting about life and motherhood, we can do individual classes during these sessions, where specific topics are addressed and taught via video, and then we talk about what she felt about the information learned. Sometimes a woman cannot come meet in person, so we can send texts back and forth to keep in touch. There's nothing like receiving a picture of a newborn baby of a woman you've been mentoring who just had her baby!”

Catching Up with ENLC Here's what we have been up to:



Karen Stockstill, Mentor Mom Serving as a Mentor Mom one afternoon every week, Karen has found a second sisterhood with her friends at ENLC. She has also experienced the joy of meaningfully serving moms in need. “I have had many clients who, because of our classes and rewards for classes, have made me feel like Santa at Christmas,” she shares. “What an exuberant feeling it is to take clients to the Baby Boutique and see them excitedly select new, beautiful items for the care and sustenance of a new baby!” Reflecting on her time so far as a Mentor Mom, Karen says, “When I look back, I thank God for helping me prepare a few young teens for motherhood; help a drug dependent woman continue to stay clean and welcome a new baby; encourage a few bright women to continue to work on high school diplomas or get a degree; participate in the efforts of some to achieve independence from a toxic environment; and only God knows other marvelous things that weren’t shared with me, but mattered.”

2023 Heartbeat International Annual Conference A dozen staff represented ENLC at Heartbeat’s Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The theme for this year was Breakthrough. The conference is designed for ministry leaders, staff, board members, and volunteers of life-affirming pregnancy help centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and non-profit adoption agencies, as well as professionals in the areas of medicine, counseling, social work, and education.

WCO Dayton Community Events On June 12th, Women’s Centers of Ohio hosted a Community Resource Event at the Dayton Center. The event featured JFS on the Move as well as nine additional community resources. Women’s Centers of Ohio, Holy Family Prenatal Care, Choosing Hope, The Baby Boutique and Education were all open to share information during the event. We had entertainment, food, and raffles in addition to the abundance of community assistance.

Loving Live 5K Our second annual Loving Life 5 K might have been a wet one, but despite the rain we had over 60 folks come out to Englewood MetroPark to run/ walk and celebrate life.

If you’d like to consider becoming a Mentor Mom (or Dad) please call Kelley Parker at 937-226-7414 x 304 for more information.



Elizabeth’s New Life Center 2201 N Main St. Dayton, OH 45405


ADVOCACY Be a voice for the voiceless. Act on your passionately pro-life convictions. Visit our new website: enlc.life Follow us on Facebook: Elizabeth’s New Life Center Donate through the Combined Federal Campaign: #93580

VOLUNTEER Make a difference and save a life through volunteering. If you are interested in helping our mission at ENLC in any way, please contact Kelley Parker. Phone: (937) 226-7414, ext. 304 email: kparker@elizabethnewlife.org

LEGACY Please consider putting ENLC into your estate plan and joining our New Life Legacy Society. Contact Tim Stonecash if you want to discuss your legacy. Phone: (937) 554-5562 email: tstonecash@elizabethnewlife.org

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